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It is our pleasure to introduce you to GIBCO Products International, Inc.

GIBCO Products International, Inc. is a pioneer in the production of admixtures for mortars.....admixtures to replace lime, clays and other plasticizers....admixtures which improve applicability, compressive strength and create a higher bond between all members...admixtures which also reduce weight.

The workability of mortar utilizing GIBCO admixtures is unrivaled and the significant cost savings are another major advantage of our products.

GIBCO specializes in admixtures for the masonry and plastering industries. Our efforts and expertise are directed solely to this purpose, enabling GIBCO to play the leading role in the masonry and plastering admixtures field.

GIBCO Products have been used on thousands of construction projects within the United States, Canada, Mexico and abroad.

We at GIBCO look forward to serving your company's needs in the area of admixtures and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in answering any technical or other questions you may have. 

...building progress through technology!!